Sunday, February 2, 2014

A New Leaf

Gonna do a photo/info dump to start this thing out. This blog is going to be for outfits, 'vlogs' of myself and my friend group in our ~natural habitats (like 'a day in the life!' or whatever), and cool outfits I find out in the streets or put on my body. 

 (outfit post)
              (friends and I featured on the Unif blog!)
 (borgore and carnage show for NYE)
 (chinatown festival awhile back)
 (HAM on everything party. no explanation needed)
 (unfriendly black hotties ft. Dai Burger at HAM party)
 (outfit post)
 (new crystal ball tummy tattoo)
 (makeup for HAM cyber ratchet wave party)
 (outfit post)
 (friends and I featured on the cobra shop instagram)
 (new tattoo by Mike Adams)
 (outfit post)
 (wildstyle on Melrose)
(contemplating life during an overnight inventory shift)

Just a little photo unloading/introduction. Can't wait to make this into something! Stay tuned~